Artists News Hazal Kaya was very excited, but finally she got what she wanted!

Hazal Kaya was very excited, but finally she got what she wanted!


Hazal Kaya, who caught the coronavirus for the second time, had a great fuss days ago as she was going to miss a night she wanted so much this time! However, the actress, whose tests turned negative almost at the last minute, shared her joy with her followers on social media.

Hazal Kaya starred in a series called “Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı” for Netflix. She learned that she had coronavirus in the days when she first started on the set of the historical fantasy series. The actress, who was in isolation for 14 days, then returned to the set.

Hazal Kaya’s great misfortune was that she caught the coronavirus for the second time. The actress, who recently shared with her followers on social media that everyone in her family, except her husband, was infected with corona, went into quarantine first because she had contact.

Then, after the test, which was tested for the 7th time, it was learned that she was also positive. Hazal Kaya shared the process with her fans on her Instagram page.

The thing that bothered Hazal Kaya the most during this process was about another project that she was waiting for with great excitement about a week later. She was worried about the possibility of not being able to attend the premiere of the movie “Benden Ne Olur?”, in which she appeared in front of the camera with Onur Tuna and Nur Fettahoğlu.

She shared this concern with her followers. When the gala day came, it was a great chance that the actress’s test was negative! The actress caught the premiere of the movie, which has been eagerly awaited for 1.5 years and adapted from the novel by Aslı Kızmaz, at the last moment!

While Hazal Kaya did not neglect to share these beautiful moments with her followers, her elegance at the gala did not go unnoticed…