Helin Kandemir, who proved her talent with Kağıt Ev, will take a storm with Elbet Bir Gün!
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27 March 2023 19:21


Helin Kandemir, who proved her talent with Kağıt Ev, will take a storm with Elbet Bir Gün!

Young actress Helin Kandemir proved how talented she was in acting with the character of Cemre in the TV series Kağıt Ev. Kandemir played the role so well that Turkey talked about this young actress for a while. The young actress will now show her talent with Elbet Bir Gün.

Elbet Bir Gün series will be on Fox TV with its first episode on Sunday, November 7th. The actors of the series are extremely ambitious. Şebnem Bozoklu, Sinem Ünsal and Burak Yamantürk star in the series. But one of the most curious actors of Elbet Bir Gün is Helin Kandemir.

Helin Kandemir will give life to Nesibe’s daughter, played by Şebnem Bozoklu in Elbet Bir Gün.

Kandemir is one of the young but very ambitious actors of Elbet Bir Gün. Helin Kandemir, who played the cold-blooded psychopath character Cemre in the TV series Kağıt Ev, very well and caused the audience to break the ice, is awaited with great interest in her new series.

In the meantime, there is a difficult test in front of the series, which is very close to its broadcast. Sunday evenings are dominated by the TRT 1 series Teşkilat and the Yargı series broadcast on Kanal D. The two series are so strong that they share the top between them. Therefore, Elbet Bir Gün has to fight hard to get a share in the rating battle of Sunday night.

Let’s remember the subject of the series “Elbet Bir Gün” once again:

Feride (Sinem Ünsal) changed her name to Gizem after running away from her brother-in-law, Cemil (Ömer Genç), out of fear for her life. The young woman who has built a new life for herself has a happy marriage. Gizem learns that her whole family has been killed in a TV show and that Cemil is still after her and her older sister Nesime (Şebnem Bozoklu), who has fled with her lover. Nesime and Feride’s paths cross again after many years… While Gizem struggles so that her and her sister’s true identities are not revealed, her husband Mehmet (Burak Yamantürk) has secrets from his past that he hides from his wife.

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