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29 May 2022 06:24


Her tone is peaceful, her scenes are breathless to watch, Canan Ergüder bloomed like a flower in the TV series “Oğlum”!

While watching Canan Ergüder in the TV series “Menajerimi Ara” last season, she received the news that shocked the fans. The actress with breast cancer had to be treated and left the series.

The actress, who won hearts once again with her character Feris, went through the treatment process and her fans were both saddened and followed closely. Canan Ergüder, who had to shave her hair and received great support with her new image, once again made her fans happy by returning to the sets.

The role of Canan Ergüder, who defeated cancer and continued her life from where she left off, with the character of pedagogue Demet in the TV series “Oğlum” receives great support from her fans. The actress, who once again performed very effectively in the series whose first episode was broadcast, impresses her fans greatly from her tone of voice to her facial expressions.

In the series, the message is given that there is no delinquent child, but a child dragged into crime. The pedagogue Demet character is also at the center of the story, and Canan Ergüder is in a position to give strong messages to the society.

Faced with a blooming Canan Ergüder on the screen with her soothing tone of voice, the audience made laudatory comments about the actress on social media.

Her fans, who have a very good energy and that she has become more beautiful with her new image, expressed that they are very pleased to be reunited with Serhat Teoman, her partner in the TV series Menajerimi Ara.

Since Canan Ergüder takes part in the story with a character who tells that there is always hope, she also stands out as the person who brings the hope of many people to life.

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