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18 May 2022 12:23


New mother Bergüzar Korel will return to the screens she has been away from for a long time with the digital platform!

The successful actress Bergüzar Korel, who has been away from the screens for a long time, recently took their third child Leyla in her arms and experienced the happiness of being the mother of a girl after two boys.

Although the focus of attention of the actress, who is frequently on the agenda with her social media posts, is her children, on the one hand, he deals with the affairs of her house in London, makes up for the deficiencies, on the other hand, she talks about new projects.

The beautiful actress, who does not neglect to support her friends, was in an Arabesque Musical last night, in which the successful actress Uğur Aslan played the leading role, blending the arabesque songs that marked a period with her own life story.

Bergüzar Korel answered the questions of reporters before watching her close friend Uğur Aslan. Bergüzar Korel, who said that she last made a movie in 2018 and has been away from the screens for 4 years, stated that she plans to make a project in the new season. The actress, who is waiting for her daughter Leyla to turn 1 due to her young age, also gave the good news that she can do a short job on a digital platform.

After performing very well on the Kanal D screen with her husband Halit Ergenç, the successful actress, who did not appear in the series, also made a great debut with her one-man show called “Kızlar ve Oğlanlar”. Bergüzar Korel, who played the character of Füsun in the movie Azizler, which was recently broadcast on Neflix, a digital platform, gave the green light to proposals from different digital platforms with the idea of ​​a new project.

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