Here is the latest version of Ali, the sons of Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci
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5 October 2022 09:04


Here is the latest version of Ali, the sons of Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci

Ali, the son of Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci, who got married in 2017, was born on May 30. He is not yet two months old, but as Hande Soral shares her son’s development on social media, it is seen how much he has grown.

Hande Soral did not stay away from her followers throughout her pregnancy and even told about what she ate, how she was fed and what kind of process she went through for people who were pregnant and expecting a baby like her. The actress, who does sports and pays attention to her health, did not quit sports after pregnancy.

By the way, the fact that the actor’s son Ali never showed his face is something that makes his followers more curious. But for now, the couple Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci prefer to share Ali from afar, without showing his face.

While it is seen that Hande Soral is helped by her husband İsmail Demirci in baby care, the support of Soral’s mother is also seen in her posts.

Recently, little Ali got together with his family with his aunt Bensu Soral and uncle Bedirhan Soral. On this special day for his grandfather’s birthday, he took place on social media with his poses taken on the lap of his family members.

On this occasion, Hande Soral and Bensu Soral brothers shared their poses on Instagram and received loving comments and likes from their fans.

One of Hande Soral’s most recent posts was the pose of her son Ali with her friends who came to visit. It is possible to see Ali getting bigger and bigger in Soral’s post.

Hande Soral with her cute friends, who do not leave them for a moment, and her son Ali, who posed below… Ali’s cuteness is greeted by her fans with ‘Mashallah’ notes and evil eye bead emojis on social media.

In the meantime, another post by Bensu Soral surprised those who saw it. You can see the poses of the two brothers who went to their elders for a holiday visit when they were very young.

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