Surprise sharing of the two names of the Yargı series from the beach
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7 October 2022 09:17


Surprise sharing of the two names of the Yargı series from the beach

Yargı (Judgment) series is one of the productions that left their mark on the 2021-2022 season. The series, which was broadcast on Kanal D screens, managed to reach a large audience with its first season.

The series, in which Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz played the leading roles, was very popular with its story, and it was talked about a lot throughout the season with every episode that turned the viewers on the wrong side.

Undoubtedly, names such as Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Uğur Aslan, Uğur Polat, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, Şükran Ovalı, who took part in the series as well as the leading roles, have a great share in this success.

Of course, another part of the work, behind the scenes, carried the Yargı series to the top with all the components that ensured the project’s feet firmly on the ground.

Starting with Ali Bilgin, who directed the series signed by Ay Yapım, we should not forget the efforts of the behind-the-scenes team. One of the most striking names is screenwriter Sema Ergenekon!

Ergenekon, who has produced many successful TV series before, is a name who spent time in the courts and courthouse corridors before writing the story of the Yargı (Judgment) series.

With Sema Ergenekon’s finals that astonish the audience every week, plots, comparisons with completely different realities, the Yargı series finished the first season without losing any blood. As the most popular production of Sunday evenings, it shook the audience with its scenario that left the audience in great surprise, excitement and curiosity, and it was shattered with the final episode!

The audience is now waiting for what will happen in the new season. Meanwhile, while some of the actors are on vacation, some of them take part in other projects during the summer months.

Pınar Deniz is one of these names. The actress, who has not yet found time to go on vacation, is currently on the set of Disney Plus’s Avcı (Hunter) series.

Şükran Ovalı, who was later included in the Yargı series as Derya prosecutor, shows with social media posts that she is on vacation with her husband and daughter. They also met with Sema Ergenekon, the scriptwriter of the Yargı, on vacation. They also shared a photo taken while sunbathing on the beach from this surprise meeting on their Instagram page.

This is how Şükran Ovalı shared the photo that Sema Ergenekon published with the note “Derya prosecutor” on her own page…

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