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4 July 2022 08:41


Here is the new image of Ahsen Eroğlu for her new project

Famous actress Ahsen Eroğlu made a big break with the TV series called Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager). The actress, who gave a very successful test in conveying the feelings of the ‘Dicle’ character she played, to the audience, got a good start in her career.

The famous actress renewed her image. Ahsen Eroğlu, who shortened the length of her hair, shared her new image with her followers on social media.

The new image of Ahsen Eroğlu, who also appeared in front of her fans on the theater stage with the play named The Girl in the Tree, was very popular this year.

The actress continues to take part in TV series and cinema projects while continuing to play. The actress, who appeared in front of the camera for the new Netflix movie Merve Kült, will give life to a very difficult female character.

Merve Kult character, who has a panic attack, cannot find the love she is looking for, starts to get bored with life and suddenly encounters the problem of swearing, which she does not know why, will be a new test for the actress.

Ahsen Eroğlu became a partner with Ozan Dolunay in the movie Merve Kült, shot by O3 Medya for Netflix. The fans who saw the two bright actors of the last period Ahsen Eroğlu and Ozan Dolunay together in the sharing made from the set of the movie made the duo very similar to each other.

The actress also stated in an interview she gave recently that she wanted to take part in a series for the winter period. Ahsen Eroğlu, who received offers one after another and was also interested in some projects, will spend the year 2022 to the fullest.

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