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4 July 2022 08:51


How did Can Yaman’s magnificent life in Italy turn into hell?

Famous actorCan Yaman, who continues his career in Italy and settled there last year, is having a hard time with his obsessive Italian female fans.

Can Yaman, who took a break from his career in Turkey and settled in Italy, became one of the most popular names in the country. The famous actor, who has appeared in many projects and commercials in the country, is especially popular with Italian women.

However, according to the news in the tabloid press, Can Yaman announced that some people’s admiration reached a dangerous level with his social media sharing.

Stating that his obsessive fans came to his house in Rome and harassed him, the handsome actor said that some of his fans went further.

The Italian press wrote that many women whose names were mentioned with the famous actor, especially Can Yaman’s ex-girlfriend of Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta, received death threats from their obsessive fans. Some of his fans allegedly even sent a bloody threatening letter to Leotta.

Can Yaman, who was frightened by his obsessive fans, made a statement, “I have to move from my house in Rome.”

It was learned that the famous actor kept another apartment in Rome. On the other hand, the Italian police are investigating the harassment of Can Yaman.

The actor, who will star in the El Turco series, which will soon be broadcast on Disney Plus, is having a hard time due to his obsessive fans.

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