Series News Here’s a bombshell news for you! Gülse Birsel is working on a new project!

Here’s a bombshell news for you! Gülse Birsel is working on a new project!

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Gülse Birsel, one of the first names that come to mind in Turkey when it comes to comedy series, has achieved great success with every project she has created. Birsel, who recently appeared on the screen with Jet Sosyete, gave great news to her fans.

Gülse Birsel, a journalist-based actress, has become one of Turkey’s most popular comedy actresses with her hilarious projects. Gülse Birsel, who is also the screenwriter of the TV series she took part in, first came to the screen as the presenter of the program G.A.G.

She achieved great success with Avrupa Yakası, which was broadcast on ATV in 2004, for which he took the lead role and scriptwriting. Gülse Birsel, who conveys the modern business world with a funny language through the story of the employees of a women’s magazine, brought a new breath to the world of TV series with Avrupa Yakası.

Avrupa Yakası was followed by the comedy series Yalan Dünya and Jet Sosyete. Gülse Birsel, who definitely takes part in every series she wrote the script, also took part in the movies named Hırsız Var, Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz and Aile Arasında.

Bringing laughter to the audience with every project she put forward, Gülse Birsel is considered one of Turkey’s most powerful scriptwriters. Each project of Birsel, which has a huge fan base of its own, is eagerly awaited.

The talented writer, who has not been out of breath since Jet Sosyete published about two years ago, gave great news. Gülse Birsel, in her social media account, said that she is in preparation for a new series. Saying that she is preparing for a digital channel this time, Birsel also stated that she is at the very beginning of the road and that it is time for the project to emerge.