Nightmare period begins for Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu!
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5 October 2022 16:10


Nightmare period begins for Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu!

During the summer, we watched the rivalry of two romantic comedy series when there were no rivals apart from each other. But now everything is changing. The Innocent Apartments will join the Tuesday competition of Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu series as of next week.

Having a very successful first season on the TRT1 screen, the series Innocent Apartments deeply impressed the audience with its different story. It was revealed that Farah Zeynep Abdullah left the series, which had very intense psychological scenes, because she could no longer handle these scenes.

Melisa Şenolsun’s participation in the series to fill the vacancy of Farah Zeynep Abdullah in the new season was also a remarkable development. The second season of the series is eagerly awaited on TRT1. Because the Innocent Apartment, which received very good ratings, will again be at the top of the ratings.

However, this is a serious problem for the two romantic comedy series of the summer period. Although the series Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu got below-average ratings, they were able to stay on the air during the summer. However, the number of viewers may decrease with Innocent Apartments, the 38th episode of which will be broadcast on Tuesday, September 14. In addition, from Tuesday, September 21, the production of the drama Everything About Marriage will begin on Fox TV.

With both Masumlar Apartmanı and Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey appearing on the screen, there is a danger that the interest in Ada Masalı and Baht Oyunu series will suddenly drop.

It is not known how much Star TV and Kanal D support romantic comedy series. However, it is clear that a great risk will begin for the summer series as of September.

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