Series News Hilal Altınbilek has a number obsession

Hilal Altınbilek has a number obsession


Hilal Altınbilek, who played the character of Züleyha in the Çukurova series once for two seasons, touched on the details that were not known about him in her Instagram live broadcast.

The actress who said she had a number obsession said, “This has been true for a long time. It has passed me from my father. I was very impressed by him. I used to not go into much detail in the past, but we change rooms in the hotel in Adana every week.

She said, “To be comfortable there. To make me feel good,” she explained.

She who says she likes the numbers 7, 8, 11 is too obsessed with the numbers 2 and. Hilal Altınbilek stated that the numbers 3-6-9 give her peace.

Hilal Altınbilek said, “I look at the house I hold, the stage page I work with, the stage number, and the numbers that I can think of are much better. I work by feeling much better. It also happens, I play. I feel good. I have such an obsession.”

Expressing that her father was worse about number obsession, the actor told him that this was the case.