Series News Hints from new series the 50 Square Meters

Hints from new series the 50 Square Meters

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Netflix has almost been hung on local productions… Many local productions will take place on the Netflix platform one after another. One of these productions is the series named 50 Square Meters, which continues to shoot in 2020 despite the pandemic and reveals the importance of a second chance… A BKM project, starring Aybüke Pusat and Engin Öztürk… Burak Aksak wrote the script for the series. You will watch a story of change.

Burak Aksak and Selçuk Aydemir also undertook the directorship. You will meet with a very different production in the impressive direction of the duo in January 2021. While the broadcast date of the series is announced as the new year, the viewers are also eagerly waiting.

So what do you know about the 50 Metrekare series? Anibal Güleroğlu, one of the Milliyet Blog writers, wrote important details about the series and his own review. The details of the story that will walk over the character named Shadow are in the continuation of our news …

Here is Anibal Güleroğlu’s assessment of the TV series 50 Square Meters:

The scenario that says “It is easy to get a second chance but it is more difficult to evaluate it than we think” will present Shadow’s search for his past and a new direction to his life with the truth he finds.

If we briefly summarize the general story of the series, which will be broadcast simultaneously with the whole world on January 27, 2021 …

Gölge is doing the dirty work of Servet Nadir, who raised him. Gölge, who does not remember anything about his childhood, chases after the photograph that ties him to the past. As he investigates who the people in the photograph are, he realizes that he is actually living in a lie.

Gölge, who escaped with the secrets of Servet Nadir, takes refuge in a 50 square meter tailor shop in Güzelce District. The local person thinks he is Adem, son of Adil, the tailor who died. Gölge, who is cornered by his dark past, has nowhere else to go and begins to live in a 50 square meter tailor shop with his new identity. No matter how challenging the neighborhood is, Gölge will change the neighborhood and neighborhood will change Gölge.