Series News Shock separations at Forbidden Fruit

Shock separations at Forbidden Fruit

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Nobody understands what is going on in the Forbidden Fruit series, which is screened on Fox TV on Monday nights? After reading the 85th episode scenario, everyone was curious about Eda Ece’s post on social media. It was learned that Talat Bulut will leave the series after Ece’s post, who said she was shocked when he read the script.

After Talat Bulut, who plays the character of Halit Argun, will leave the series with the death of the character, it came to the agenda that Gökhan Alkan will also leave the series in the same episode. Another backstage information leaked after Alkan, who recently joined the series with the character of Kerim.

It started to talk that Buce Buse Kahraman, who played Halit Argun’s daughter Lila, will also leave the series. While everyone was trying to understand what was happening, backstage information that Barış Kılıç would also leave the series began to circulate.

While these breakups in the series signed by Med Productions have shocked everyone, another news has hit the agenda like a bomb! According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş on tv100, Doğaç Yıldız, who played the character of Yiğit in the series, is saying goodbye!

Shock separations at Forbidden Fruit 7

It became even more difficult for the audience to wait for the 85th episode when it turned out that almost half of the cast would go! What is it that so many people are leaving the show suddenly? Will they all leave at once with an event such as an explosion or an accident, or will they go one by one in different parts of the series?

For now, there is no answer to this question and it is eagerly awaited, but what remains is Şevval Sam, Eda Ece, Nesrin Cavadzade in the series almost! It seems that we will be watching the intrigue-filled lives of these 3 women with a few side characters. There is a high probability that new characters will be included in the series!

It is not known whether a sudden and radical decision was made regarding the series, which started to lose momentum in the 4th season, but it is understood that the story will evolve to a completely different place after the 85th episode …

In the meantime, it is stated that the death scene of Talat Bulut was filmed …