Artists News How does Oktay Kaynarca spend his quarantine days?

How does Oktay Kaynarca spend his quarantine days?


The famous actor Oktay Kaynarca, along with his colleagues Esra Bilgiç, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Birand Tunca, signed a formation on social media in order to help various associations. The second of the live broadcast meetings started last week was held.

During this conversation, Oktay Kaynarca explained how he evaluated his time at home in the coronavirus epidemic and subsequent curfews.

It was revealed that one of those who could not realize how the day passed was Kaynarca. Did you know that the famous actor is trying to read many of the social media messages?

Oktay Kaynarca explained the following details about how he spent one day:

“I did not watch a movie, I looked at the series, I am about to finish one series. I look at a detective series. A lot of things are coming on social media, I am reading and evaluating all of them. Half of it is over. In general, it is. Friends, WhatsApp groups, answer them, talk, chat … We are also dealing with things at home. It is evening when dogs are struggling. I am trying to scribble and write something.”