Series News The Life Science series changed Gökçe Bahadır’s life!

The Life Science series changed Gökçe Bahadır’s life!


Famous actress Gökçe Bahadır participated in İbrahim Selim’s youtube program. Both names had a live chat from their home.

Explaining that she was in a fierce struggle to show herself until the Life Science series, Gökçe Bahadır stated that she was known thanks to this series.

Gökçe Bahadır said, “After my knowledge of life, things got easier for me. After getting to know things got easier. But before that, the process of proving yourself is more exciting, knocking on the door of all sides, getting out of the door and entering the chimney. Now it is a harder process. Radio program I did it, I broadcast on television, I presented a traffic program. I played in the theater, for a long time. ”

Gökçe Bahadır laughed a lot while explaining that she lived in the process before she became famous. After being obsessed with being an actress, she said that she was registered with an agency and thus was selected for the The Life Science series by Gani Müjde.

Expressing that this process is a chance for her, Gökçe Bahadır explained that the point of view of the series was not like the present at the time of the The Life Science series: “I did not enter with a feeling that even when I was writing to the agency, I had a role coverage in a series. There was no such period. It was a great chance at that time. At that moment I was written to the agency with a passion for acting.

Gökçe Bahadır told the day when she felt famous for the first time in her life. She, who wandered on Bağdat Street during the days of The Life Science, described her experiences as follows:

“There was something I never expected. The show was kept very popular, we started to be known on the street. We were like a school period, we were not aware of being famous. We were enjoying it very much. But what did it mean to be popular when I went down to Bağdat Street with my mother one day? It was the first time in my life that all the children asked for a signature. “