How much Furkan Palalı suits this series!
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2 December 2022 05:33


How much Furkan Palalı suits this series!

Furkan Palalı was one of the surprises of the 3rd season of the Bitter Lands series… The famous actor changed his image and got out of romantic comedy roles and appeared in the drama series. Fans, on the other hand, like the performance of the player they have just seen on the new ATV screen, and think that it suits the series very well.

In the comments made on the social media, it can be seen that everyone is pleased with Furkan Palalı’s effective introduction to the series. In the comments, “Furkan Palalı suits this team very well. There are expressions like. I wish he had entered the series before”.

The famous actor, who appeared in the series as Fikret Fekeli, the nephew of Ali Rahmet Fekeli, who is thought to have died, is one of the names that will change the series in the new season.

A tough test begins for Ali Rahmet Fekeli, who decides to leave all his inheritance to Yılmaz. What will happen between Yılmaz and Fikret explains that the future episodes of the 3rd season will attract much more attention.

Ali Rahmet Fekeli, who has been chasing the youngster who has been following him for days with Çetin, suspects the people of Ankara but will encounter someone he never expected. That person is Fikret Fekeli. Fikret Fekeli comes to Adana when he learns that his uncle is alive and that he returns to Çukurova again.

With the arrival of the character of Fikret Fekeli, the story of the series will expand and the different characters will come to the fore, and the interest will continue to increase.

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