How realistic the story of the Sadakatsiz series is understood by Burak Sergen's situation!
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29 November 2022 14:18


How realistic the story of the Sadakatsiz series is understood by Burak Sergen’s situation!

Famous actor Burak Sergen plays the leading role in Kanal D’s TV series “Sadakatsiz”. The actor, who is one of the leading roles in the story with Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, is on the agenda with his deception.

Burak Sergen’s approach, who was cheated on by his wife of 4 months, Nihan Ünsal, shows the difference in his life experience! The main subject of the TV series Sadakatsiz is about being deceived. In other words, Burak Sergen sums up the situation very well how this deception and deception issue in the series is related to the real world.

Burak Sergen, who had a major health problem in 2021, was hospitalized due to coronavirus and could not take part in the series for a long time, married Nihan Ünsal, who gave him great support in that process.

Documenting that his wife cheated on him with Özer Koçer after 4 months of marriage was a great shock for the actor. Burak Sergen who completely recovered from the disease and is in good health, said that the divorce case continues.

Burak Sergen’s composure and strong stance in the face of this unfortunate experience also draws attention.

The famous actor said, “We are at the stage of separation now, everything will become clearer after it is over,” and stated that they entered a new path with his new friend Gizem.

Burak Sergen stated that it was also accepted that the deception was true and used the following statements on this subject: “It has already been confirmed. Confirmed long ago. We had such an unfortunate situation. But everything turns out to be, don’t worry. Everyone stays with what they do, gets what they want. I don’t want to talk too much about it. Because it’s up to the court.”

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