Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon writes the series Yargı, and her husband Uğur Aslan plays!
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1 April 2023 07:15


Screenwriter Sema Ergenekon writes the series Yargı, and her husband Uğur Aslan plays!

The very popular TV series on Sunday evenings, Yargı, continues to get good ratings and win the first place, leaving the Teşkilat behind. Undoubtedly, the most important hero behind this magnificent release of the series is Sema Ergenekon, who worked hard for the script for 2 years.

Sema Ergenekon, who also wrote the story of many ambitious TV series, accumulated the experiences she gained at the Courthouse and turned it into the scenario of the Yargı series. This scenario did not occur immediately. The story of the Yargı, which underwent a constant change in the light of long evaluations and took its final form, was the main reason for its success.

Sema Ergenekon is writing the story, and one of the names in the series is her husband, Uğur Aslan. Uğur Aslan, who gives life to the character of the Eren commissioner, is considered by many to be someone who knows the scenario beforehand. So is this really so?

Is it true that Uğur Aslan, who is puzzling, knows the script before anyone else and has a command of what will happen in the series?

Uğur Aslan gave the answer to the question that has been on the minds of many TV series fans. The actor said, “You know my wife is a screenwriter. They think I went to the set with an advantage from him, but it’s not like that,” he said.

Stating that they exchanged ideas for the series with his wife Sema Ergenekon, Uğur Aslan said that this was in the form of expressing his reaction as a man towards life, not towards the script of the series.

Uğur Aslan also explained that at home, he and his wife did not work together on the script of the TV series “Yargı”.

Saying “We are neither together at home nor at work”, Uğur Aslan mentioned that both his wife and he work hard.

The actor said, “Sema is trying until the dead of night to finish the episode. We also work very long shifts in order to produce episodes on the set. We are longing for each other, but we are summarizing yesterday all night long,” he said.

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