Huge success on YouTube from Mahkum! It leaves its mark not only on the ratings, but also on social media!
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25 March 2023 00:27


Huge success on YouTube from Mahkum! It leaves its mark not only on the ratings, but also on social media!

Fox TV’s series Mahkum caught the top of the ratings. The series, which succeeded in taking down a very successful production like The Camdaki Kız last week, became the first in the rankings and achieved a great success in the social media.

The Mahkum series, which left its mark on the world of TV series from the first day it came to the screen, continues its successful rise. The series, which attracted attention with the acting performances of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu, who took part in the lead roles, managed to be the first in the ratings shortly after it started airing. Despite competing with a very strong opponent like the Camdaki Kız.

Mahkum’s success is not only in ratings. The series, which met with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Thursday evenings, also achieved great success on YouTube. The viewing rate of the first episode of the series, which was shared on YouTube a month ago, reached 7.4 million in a short time.

The series, which entered the rating war quickly with its first episode, reached its peak with the fifth episode aired last night. While the audience cannot get rid of the influence of the Mahkum series, it continues to praise the series. However, according to the viewer, there is a small problem.

Some viewers pointed out that the story in Prisoner has gone exactly the same as the original Korean drama, Defendant, so far. So no additions were made to the story. The original version of The Mahkum lasted 18 episodes. Therefore, if no additions were made to the story, the audience drew attention to the fact that The Mahkum could be short-lived.

Therefore, at this point, the biggest job falls to the screenwriters. If the Mahkum doesn’t come up with scenes that will bore and overwhelm the audience after a while, as it happens to many TV series, it seems that his life will last a very long time.

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