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5 July 2022 13:26


If Star TV does not break it, there is an opportunity for the Sana Söz series!

Fans of Sana Söz series are saddened by the bad luck in the first episode. The day changes made by Star TV confused the people watching the decisions. If the channel management had taken a clear stance from the beginning, perhaps the first episode ratings would have been better.

However, the broadcast days were first determined as Friday, October 29, then Wednesday, November 3, and finally Tuesday, November 2 as the evenings. In other words, Star TV changed its decisions by looking at the situations on other channels. This confused those who wanted to watch the TV series Sana Söz. Many people did not even hear that the series will air on Tuesday evening…

The Sana Söz series, which brings Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya together, has a good story… The characters of Elif and Ömer are the lead duo. Ömer is a cop and investigating a murder case.

Elif is a TV host. In a sense, she is Müge Anlı in the series… Elif is also working to illuminate this murder case.

They both have the same purpose but different methods. If Star TV management does not decide to change a new day in the following weeks, Sana Söz seems to be a series that can rise even higher on Tuesday evenings.

Sana Söz satisfied those who were waiting with excitement with its first episode. From the second episode, there is an expectation that the ratings will increase.

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