Series News In the Ego series, everything that is called ‘no, this can’t happen anymore’ will happen!

In the Ego series, everything that is called ‘no, this can’t happen anymore’ will happen!


The first 4 episodes are left behind in the new series of Fox TV, known as EGO, called “Do Not Trust Men”. Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz star in the series, which aired on Sunday evenings. There are interesting developments in the story of the series.

With what happened between Sibel and Erhan on the one hand, and Elif’s loss of herself and the possibility of her being pregnant reflected in the trailer, it is seen that the events called ‘no, this will not happen anymore’ started to happen one after another in the series.

Is Elif pregnant or is the pregnancy test Sibel’s? Series fans are wondering what will happen next. Ahmet Kayakesen’s appearance on the screen with a punk male character in the character of Tuncay, who got closer to Elif in the series, also surprised the audience. The famous actor is on the screen in a very different role from his previous roles.

In the EGO series, it seems that there will be swaying in the relationship between Erhan and Sibel in the upcoming episodes.

If the possibility of Erhan and Elif reuniting is taken into account in the 5th new episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Sunday evening, the audience will know well that Sibel will not allow this situation.

It is a fact that you know how much the stories about relationships affect the audience and the EGO series also wants to benefit from this strong audience return.

Trying to be one of the alternative productions of Sunday evenings, EGO started to form a large audience.

Fans of the series, who make Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Alperen Duymaz look alike, do not seem to care much about the fact that the dreams of a young woman who is about to get married in the story have been destroyed.

With Elif losing herself by getting closer to Tuncay, the EGO series is also drifting towards a story point that walks through distorted relationships.

A viewer says, “Let Erhan decide who he will marry.” Another viewer asked, “From whom is Elif pregnant?” he asks. Of course, it is necessary to consider that the pregnancy test may not be Elif’s.

For now, we have to wait and see if the male characters in the series will also make the story more interesting or disturb the viewers.