Series News In the second season of the Emanet series, both a big change and a new era!

In the second season of the Emanet series, both a big change and a new era!

Emanet, one of the popular TV series on Channel 7 screens, is getting ready for the new season… The 206th episode of the series will be broadcast on Monday, September 13 at 19.00. With the new season, you will witness that the dose of drama in the story will increase much more.

In the first season, the screenwriters of the series gained a great experience with the feedback from the audience. Now you will see the reflections of this experience in the second season scenario. It is seen that the shooting quality of the series, which has a much more emotional scene compared to the first season, is also increasing.

The duo of Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu made a strong impression with their successful performances. The duo, which is followed with great interest by a wide audience on social media, is on the lists of the most talked about players.

The second season of the Emanet series will begin with a very emotional episode on Monday, September 13. Fans of the series, who wonder what will happen between Seher and Yaman, will look forward to the reunion of these two lovers.

Of course, the obstacles are too many and you will see very impressive scenes in the Safety series. There is still a part of Seher that she cannot remove against Yaman. And Yaman will realize this and will not leave him. Of course, this will greatly affect Sehre.

Beren Demirkaya joined together with İpek Arkan, who joined the cast of the series… İpek Arkan will revive the character named Duygu and will be a new rival to Seher.

Another new name, Beren Demirkaya, is a musician.