Fans are so worried about ATV's Baş Belası drama decision!
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28 January 2023 16:38


Fans are so worried about ATV’s Baş Belası drama decision!

There is a friendly atmosphere on the set of the series “Baş Belası” broadcast on ATV. The communication between the players is very strong and the whole team is focused on their work.

The first 11-episode performance of the series Baş Belası has been left behind… The series, which started on Sundays, was later moved to Friday evenings… This change did not create a negative situation in the ratings. However, the number of viewers of the series is not increasing anyway…

All episodes of the series, starring İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir, have been very successful. The story is quite solid and the harmony of the leading actors is very good…

In addition to being a detective production with comedy elements, the fact that the stories are presented with a successful narration does not escape attention. Behind-the-scenes footage from the drama set shows how much fun the crew had and how seriously they took their jobs.

The 12th new episode of Baş Belası series will be broadcast on Friday, September 3rd. Many viewers, who are fascinated by the series, are wondering what kind of decision ATV will take.

The winter season is starting and many ambitious series will be on the screen. Baş Belası will have a hard time facing these productions with their current low ratings. Will ATV support the series? How will ATV make a decision for the series?

Baş Belası fans are in great anxiety with the arrival of September. Because if the rating performance of the series does not increase, the possibility of the final begins to appear.

Baş Belası fans want ATV to promote the series to wider audiences by promoting more. Of course, this situation will help the ratings to jump all of a sudden? There is no clear answer to this question either.

With the month of September comes a period when troubles begin for the series of Baş Belası… Here is the 12th episode trailer, which will be released on Friday, September 3rd:

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