Artists News Keremcem’s second big drama shock in the last 1 year!

Keremcem’s second big drama shock in the last 1 year!


Unfortunately, the TV series called Başım Belada (I’m in Trouble), which met with the audience on the ATV screen on Sunday evenings, could not be a long-term production. It was disappointing that the ratings of the first 4 episodes of the series were very low.

Together with Keremcem, Melih Öztürk takes the lead role. The series, which has both drama and comedy features, unfortunately could not survive the strong series on Sunday evenings.

Keremcem surprisingly participated in the series called Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) in the summer period. The life of this series, which was also broadcast on ATV, was short.

Keremcem, who returned to his music studies and took a break from the sets during the pandemic period, took part in two different series from the summer period to this time.

However, neither the Gül Masalı series nor the Başım Belada project could have a very important place in the actor’s career.

Keremcem fans have already started to wonder about the new projects of the famous actor.

The TV series project titled Başım Belada will bid farewell to the audience with its 5th episode, which will be screened on Sunday, April 2nd.