Series News The most unfortunate series of 2023 came out of ATV!

The most unfortunate series of 2023 came out of ATV!


Among the projects published in the 2022 – 2023 series season, very interesting productions met with the audience, but one of the most unfortunate ones among them seems to be the newly started series of trouble in my head on ATV.

The new series, starring Keremcem and Merih Öztürk, and combining comedy and drama features, faced the decision to be taken off the air after the low ratings came after the second episode was broadcast.

The emergence of information in the news that the 5th episode will be the finale for the series Başım Belada (My Head is in Trouble), disturbed the viewers of the series and especially the fans of Keremcem. Keremcem later participated in the Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) series, which was also broadcast on ATV in the summer, and the project did not last long due to the ratings.

While it was considered unfortunate that the final decision was made for a series that had only 2 episodes aired, the Başım Belada project did not go unnoticed as the most unlucky series of 2023. In addition, this series was important because it was a very important turning point for the career development of Merih Öztürk, who had a very good break in the Balkan Ninnisi (Balkan Lullaby) series. But the early finale is considered a misfortune.

Başım Belada, which includes names such as Yağmur Öztürk, Sinan Çalışkanoğlu and Umut Oğuz, is broadcast on Sunday evenings and the 4th episode will be on the screen on Sunday, March 26.

If there is no change in the series, it is expected that the 5th and final episode will be broadcast on Sunday evening, April 2, and bid farewell to the screen.

Although the series, which did not show much presence in social media as it did in the ratings, came to the screen with a different story and fiction, it did not fully succeed in becoming an alternative production on Sunday evenings, when the series Yargı, Teşkilat, EGO and Güzel Günler were broadcast.

The low ratings of the series are cited as the reason for the early final decision, after ATV’s assessment that the situation is unlikely to improve.