In the TV series Ömer, the story differs, the demands of the audience and the reality of the screenwriter are different!
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2 April 2023 07:48


In the TV series Ömer, the story differs, the demands of the audience and the reality of the screenwriter are different!

Ömer, broadcast on Star TV, became one of the alternative productions on Monday evenings. Gökçe Bahadır and Selahattin Paşalı also receive praise for their successful performances. Gökçe Bahadır plays the character of Gamze in the series and brings her fans back to the screen with a very different love story.

Telling the seemingly impossible love of a middle-aged woman, who is divorced from her husband and has a child, with someone who is much younger than her and has just started life, Ömer is an interesting project in which religious sensitivities are involved.

Even though it was quoted from the Israeli TV series Shitsel, we see that Ömer series progresses through a story process suitable for Turkey. The story of the series, in which a love that is generally accepted in the society and can be described as a taboo for some circles, is gradually started to become ordinary.

The screenwriters aim to create a story by creating a love triangle, but the wishes of the audience are different. Those who liked the pure love of Gamze and Ömer were satisfied with the story in the first 4-5 episodes. However, it shares comments stating that they do not get the same pleasure from the next episodes.

With the inclusion of Süreyya character in the story, the series couple of Simay Barlas and Selahattin Paşalı began to form. However, viewers do not want this situation to develop. It is disturbing that Süreyya surrenders so much, especially against a man who does not love her.

There are also objections to the course of the story, which is tried to be put forward so that Gamze continues on her way with someone suitable for her.

Neither Ömer is happy nor Gamze, the viewers who see their situation are not satisfied with the situation. Of course, it is not easy for screenwriters to execute a 140-minute weekly series in a way that highlights the element of curiosity.

Although the side characters and elements are important in the series, many people are more curious than anything else where the unlikely relationship between Gamze and Ömer will lead. This situation creates a situation that forces the hand of the screenwriters a little.

The audience and Ömer and Gamze want the scenes and are curious about their story. The screenwriters, on the other hand, try to embellish the series with as many different details as possible by including the side themes.

The environment that the screenwriters have created so far shows that they are on the right track when we look at the ratings. The series increased its ratings again with its 8th episode. Viewership rates increased in all categories and it is understood from the results that the educated audience is very interested in Ömer.

Audience comments on social media are no longer as interesting and curious as when the story first began. This situation reveals how difficult the job of the screenwriters is and the difficulties of tidying up a story that is stuck between Gamze and Ömer.

You can watch the 9th new episode of Ömer on Monday, March 20. Those waiting for the Ömer and Gamze scenes will be surprised by many more developments.

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