Series News Instagram error from Özge Özpirinçci!

Instagram error from Özge Özpirinçci!


There was a problem with the Woman TV drama…

Ozge Özpirinçci, the lead actress of the drama, was amazed at her fans with her faulty message.

Actress sharing in the Instagram Story, “I saw the final such friend! I want the 22nd chapter right now, “she wrote.

I was shocked to hear that the tev series followers were final.

Özge Özpirinçci said, “Our tv drama is not making the final, I was only talking about the finals of the 21st episode.”

Another claim was made that the original of the project had 11 episodes, so it was going to be final in the next season.

But this claim is not true.

very well-rated tv series in Turkey will remain live for a long time.