Is Love Is In The Air approaching to the end?
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30 March 2023 04:38


Is Love Is In The Air approaching to the end?

The series Love Is In The Air, meeting with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Wednesday evenings, has been ringing alarm bells for weeks. However, the production team was indifferent to this situation. There is no attack for the series. They’re not trying to get the story to be colored, return to the joyful moments in the first episodes, or change the direction of the series’ story by revealing new characters.

Also, with the stagnation and the increase of emotional scenes in the last episodes, the audience who expected a romantic comedy started to get bored. In addition to the weeks of separation between Serkan and Eda, the characters’ loss of joy also caused the sadness to collapse into the series like a nightmare.

All these developments have resulted in a decline in the ratings. Is there a situation in the mood for the rating to drop and the series to be finale?

Was the victim chosen for Fox TV’s new series, You Play Door? Nobody thought it was possible for the series in the lead role of Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin to be final, but it seemed to be happening step by step.

Serkan must now clearly tell the truth about why they left and face everything. Eda wants him to tell what’s inside. Finally, this great confrontation will take place in chapter 19. So will Serkan tell Eda the truth as it is? Selin’s intervention and telling Serkan that he learned everything will also increase the discomfort.

When Eda learns the truth about what happened to her family, will they leave Serkan and drown the series in emotion again? While the series Love Is In The Air has started to lose ratings and walk towards the finals, the story must now be colored …

Here is the first trailer of episode 19, which will be released on Wednesday, November 18:

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