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12 August 2022 11:35


Is the love that started on the set of the Erkek Severse series over?

The friendship of Tolga Güleç and Yasemin Kay Allen, who met on the set of the Erkek Severe (If men loves) series broadcast on Bein Connect, had recently turned into love.

Are dark clouds hovering over the relationship of the couple who declared their love in the past months? The claim that the beautiful actress Yasemin Kay Allen and her lover, Tolga Güleç, broke up, fell like a bombshell on the magazine’s agenda.

In the magazine press, it was claimed that the couple of Tolga Güleç and Yasemin Kay Allen parted ways because they had differences of opinion. The beautiful actress, who shared a photo she took with Güleç on her Instagram account, denied the separation claim.

Tolga Güleç and Yasemin Kay Allen, who prefer to live their relationship out of sight, responded to the news of separation with social media sharing.

After the news that upset her fans, Yasemişn Kay Allen shared her photo with her lover Tolga Güleç on her Instagram account. ‘Everything is fine’ she gave the message.

The photo of the famous couple sprinkled water in the hearts of their fans. Yasemin Kay Allen, who talked about her relationship with Tolga Güleç while chatting with members of the press in the past weeks, said, “Our relationship has just started, we are very happy. I don’t want it to be touched by the evil eye,” she said.

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