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6 July 2022 11:07


Is the main character dead in the very first episode of Yalnız Kurt? The audience is confused!

Yalnız Kurt series, which entered the ratings very quickly, took the audience’s breath away with its first episode. Yalnız Kurt, who got full marks from the audience, confused the minds with the death of one of the main characters in the first episode.

The first episode of Yalnız Kurt, which has been eagerly awaited for weeks, came to the screen on Friday evening. Yalnız Kurt, which entered the ratings very quickly, achieved a great success by being the first in all categories with its first episode.

The story of Yalnız Kurt is also very intriguing. The series, which tells the story of Altay Kurtoğlu and Esra Türkmen, who lost their parents at a young age and were raised as “wolves”, sheds light on Turkey’s recent history; It deals with the coups, betrayals, murders, anarchy and terrorism that have occurred since the arrival of the American Peace Corps in Turkey.

Altay and Esra met for the first time in the first episode. Those who were raised as wolves are strictly forbidden to have a bond. However, Esra falls in love with Altay despite this ban. However, there was a very surprising development in the first episode.

Esra, the main character of the series, was killed in the first episode. This situation confused the audience a lot. Viewers expressed their astonishment with their social media posts. According to some viewers, Esra did not actually die.

According to some viewers sharing on social media, Esra has a twin. In the second episode trailer of Yalnız Kurt series, Esra reappears and the opposite corner becomes clear.

The issue of Esra will be clearly resolved in the new section. However, we have to say that this excitement in the first episode confused the audience a lot.

In Yalnız Kurt, an intelligence-heavy TV series signed by Osman Sınav, there are important actors such as Cihan Unal, Hasan Denizyaran, Damla Colbay, Murat Han, Kürşat Alnıçık, Yaprak Medina, Deniz Evin and Polan Bilgin.

You can see some of the social media shares of the viewers about Esra’s death in the first episode, below.

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