Is there another possibility for the Yasak Elma series not to make a finale?
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31 March 2023 17:26


Is there another possibility for the Yasak Elma series not to make a finale?

Everyone knows that we are going step by step towards the finale of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series, which continues its sixth season on Fox TV screens.

Although it intended to leave the team after the fourth season, the fifth season followed, and then, as a result of the insistence of the audience, it was decided to withdraw the sixth season.

However, according to the various statements made by the leading actor of the series, Eda Ece, since the beginning of the season, an issue such as the extension of the Yasak Elma series is not on the agenda.

Although many series fans wished for the project to continue, it seems that the team has come to the end of the road. Some of the viewers think that the extension may be decided at the end of the season.

However, Eda Ece spoke clearly once again about the fate of the Yasak Elma series, during the process she was trying to heal the wounds of the earthquake.

The famous actress wanted the aid campaigns carried out intensively by Medyapım, the producer of the series, not to be misunderstood, and mentioned that this was not an effort to advertise the Yasak Elma.

Eda Ece said, “If anyone interprets this as a Yasak Elma commercial, it’s our last season. We entered a time like the last 10 episodes. We have already come to the end of a six-year process. We do this because we have a debt of gratitude. We don’t do it for any other reason. We are already saying goodbye this year,” she said.

These words of Eda Ece on social media show that the Yasak Elma series team has already entered the final mood and it is understood that the team has neither the intention nor the strength to continue in the seventh season.

It is understood with these words of Eda Ece that the final of Yasak Elma which emerged as the best and most stable TV series of Fox TV, is approaching. The series is expected to bid farewell to the audience in May.

While the TV series team continues to do their best to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster that lasted a month, Eda Ece reminds that millions of people living in the region still need many things and that attention should not go away from this region.

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