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9 August 2022 13:33


İsmail Demirci is warming up to fatherhood. Look what the famous actor did with his son!

Acting couple İsmail Demirci and Hande Soral, who had their first child in their arms in the last days of last May, are enjoying parenthood.

İsmail Demirci, from the couple who gave the name of their son Ali, was on the set for the series İyilik (Goodness), which was broadcast on Fox TV, in which he played the leading role when his child was born.

The famous actor, who complained that he could not spend much time with his son because he worked hard at that time, both rests and spends all his time with his little son Ali, with the season finale of the series.

İsmail Demirci published his first pose with his son on his Instagram account. The actor, who wrote the note “We are going to the realms with my son” on the photo, made his fans laugh and enchanted.

The actorr’s sharing received thousands of evil eye beads emojis from his fans in a short time. Actresses Sera Kutlubey and Perihan Savaş, with whom İsmail Demirci starred in the TV series “İyilik”, also commented on “You are so sweet”, while Hande Soral drew attention with her comment “Look at the handsome guys” on the photo of her husband and son.

In her statement after giving birth, Hande Soral said that she would take care of her son with the support of her mother and that they did not hire a babysitter.

The actress stated that she could evaluate the offers that came after 6 months, and that her son Ali would come to the set with her if there was a project that she felt comfortable with.

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