It was revealed why Selim Bayraktar left the Destan series, but now the curiosity has increased even more!
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8 February 2023 11:00


It was revealed why Selim Bayraktar left the Destan series, but now the curiosity has increased even more!

Famous actor Selim Bayraktar is known for his high performance that adds value to all the productions he has been in so far. The actor, who is still remembered with the character of Sümbül Ağa in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) TV series, is also described as a master of character creation. The actor, who influenced millions with the character of Alpagu Han in the Destan (Epic) series, said goodbye to the project after the first season finale.

The departure of the master actor, who played the leading role in the Destan series, stunned everyone. Selim Bayraktar, who shared the lead role with Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, made the following statement after leaving the series Destan: “I was working with a wonderful team. I will miss them, good luck. Good, get high ratings next year.”

Pointing out that the epic series has a strong story, Selim Bayraktar thinks that although he is a leading actor, this separation will not affect him negatively.

The actor said, “If you build a strong story, the story continues. I watch a lot of productions, as long as the story is strong, the characters don’t break even if they come out,” he said.

Explaining that this separation took place on his own will, Selim Bayraktar explained that he had things to do on behalf of his luck and that he wanted to leave for this.

Expressing that he left the series because there were special situations about his private life, Selim Bayraktar did not want to give details. The subject of the special reasons behind the departure of the famous actor from a very influential project like Destan aroused curiosity.

Selim Bayraktar said, “I only have things to do, on behalf of myself. I have to complete them. special circumstances,” he said.

A reporter asked, “Is there a wedding?” Responding implicitly to his question, the actress said: “Not for now, but for now, it’s a critical word. Not for now.”

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