It will be difficult to leave Deniz Can Aktaş and Ahsen Eroğlu!
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22 March 2023 23:45


It will be difficult to leave Deniz Can Aktaş and Ahsen Eroğlu!

Menajerimi Ara series is going to the finals. On Sunday, July 11, another series will be on Star TV. The fans of Menajerimi Ara are very sad. There are thousands of messages containing sadness on social media.

Menajerimi Ara fans, who created a strong wave of interaction on social media even if it wasn’t in the ratings, tried every way to extend the series. Star TV’s decision to make the final in the 45th episode is actually understandable. It’s a miracle that the series, which has been running with low ratings for a long time, even came to this day…

However, it must have become meaningless for Star TV to continue the series, because the final decision has come. Young actors gained significant experience alongside masters such as Barış Falay, Canan Ergüder, Fatih Artman, Ayşenil Şamlıoğlu.

Fans of the series especially praised Ahsen Eroğlu, who enchanted them with her naturalness and beauty, and who impresses with her acting success… Eroğlu also gave a really successful performance and took the lead role. A similar situation can be said for Deniz Can Aktaş in the character of Barış.

Fans of the series, who love the characters of Dicle and Barış, are now uncomfortable that it’s time to say goodbye to them. Fans of the TV series, who like these two characters very well, shared so much on social media that Menajerimi Ara is one of the most interactive series of recent years.

The sets of Eroğlu and Aktaş reflected on social media also increased this love. The two young actors display a very good rapport and friendship. While the duo’s serial partnership makes their fans happy, it is highly requested by the audience that they reunite in new projects in the future.

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