We were tired of the clichés, Baş Belası series was so good!
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25 March 2023 23:42


We were tired of the clichés, Baş Belası series was so good!

The Baş Belası series, which meets with the audience on ATV screens on Sunday evenings, is not a production that is considered a summer cliché. Head Trouble, where detective and comedy are intertwined, came to the fore as a series that attracted great interest through the sitcoms of two opposite characters. The characters Şahin and İpek were also highly appreciated by the fans of the series.

Each episode of the ATV series, starring İrem Helvacoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir, now attracts more and more viewers. The third episode of the series, which had good ratings, was released last night. Şahin and İpek are in competition with each other in their struggle to solve murder cases. With the romance-smelling moments sandwiched in between, Baş Belası became the most different series of the summer screen.

One drama fan commented, “It was episode 10. We were tired of the clichés in summer serials. It was great to have a different scenario” and wrote that he liked the 3rd episode of the series Baş Belası. Similar comments are on the rise on social media. Support for the series is also growing.

The production, which has the most different scenario among the summer series, and the viewers realized this situation in a short time. Şahin and İpek characters were also accepted as a new series couple on social media. Fans of the female series also give great support to the character of İpek.

A female viewer, who commented, “The series is one of the rare shows where women don’t fall in love stupidly,” states that she is pleased that İpek’s character has emerged as an educated and strong person.

Many TV series fans look forward to their Sunday evenings to watch this detective comedy series with action, comedy, excitement and mystery.

On the evening of Sunday, July 11, the 4th episode of the Baş Belası series will be broadcast and it will be an episode full of impressive scenes.

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