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5 July 2022 13:29


It’s almost time for a marriage to come out of the Yasak Elma series!

One of the names in the fourth season of the Yasak Elma series was Gökhan Alkan with the character of Kerim. Gökhan Alkan, who left the story long before the season finale of the series, got closer to Nesrin Cavadzade, who acted the character of Şahika on the set. Cavadzade, on the other hand, was sent from the series by the producer when she left the set after arguing with the director just before the fourth season finale.

It was later revealed that the two were in love. Although allegations of separation have been made for a while, both famous names continue their happy lives. Gökhan Alkan is currently in Antakya for the character Ferit in the Kalp Yarası series. For this reason, the couple has difficulty in meeting due to the intense shooting.

However, in the news reflected in the tabloid press, the comments that the two are moving towards marriage are increasing. Gökhan Alkan made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend at the family dinner held in Datça the previous day. This is the last claim on the magazine’s agenda.

Comments made that Gökhan Alkan took the first step towards marriage are based on the news of the newspaper Calendar.

It was claimed that Gökhan Alkan and Nesrin Cavadzade met with their family members in a hotel and that Alkan, who prepared a romantic atmosphere, made a marriage proposal to his lover.

There are reports that the couple got closer at this family dinner, where they had a pleasant time, and that Nesrin Cavadzade accepted the marriage proposal. Of course, it’s hard to know what’s going on without two famous names explaining this situation.

Nesrin Cavadzade’s response to the question of whether she wanted to have children in the previous days, pointing to her lover, also attracted attention: “I hope so, I think. He wants it too.”

However, it seems that no one will be surprised if the love that started on the set of the Yasak Elma series results in a marriage.

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