It's as if Sema Ergenekon writes a novel, not a TV series! Big praise from Başak Gümülcinelioğlu!
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2 February 2023 21:05


It’s as if Sema Ergenekon writes a novel, not a TV series! Big praise from Başak Gümülcinelioğlu!

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu, who went to watch Cengiz Aktürk’s fashion show, attracted great attention with her low-cut outfit in black. The actress, who played the dominant Neva character in the series, became one of the prominent female stars of the last period.

After her impressive performance in the romantic comedy series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, the actress, who took part in the drama project this time, is climbing the career ladder fast. The actress, who made an effective character presentation in the series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, said that they continue to work intensively.

Başak Gümülcinelioğlu stated that she missed the fashion shows due to the intensity of the sets, and that she was able to participate by creating opportunities between the shoots. Stating that Cengiz Aktürk’s fashion shows excite her, the actress said, “Because I was in a set situation where I had to rush, that’s why I came with a beating heart. I am very excited,” she said.

Explaining that she does not have a dream of getting on the podium, the actress said, “Everyone needs to know themselves.” Explaining that she received offers to go on the podium, the actress said that she felt more comfortable while singing, playing the theater or on the set of the TV series.

The actress also stated that the series is going very well and said: “I am very excited. You really don’t want to put the novel down, Sema Ergenekon writes something like that. I get excited while reading, separately when shooting. I’m also watching. It’s three posts for me. When I forget the previous chapter, I go back and read it again. We shoot with enthusiasm, we do it with passion. I think that reflects on the audience as well.”

With these words, Başak Gümülcinelioğlu also referred to the success of the famous screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, who spent 2 years working on the script of the series Yargı and surprised the audience with each episode.

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