Series News Kanal D’s “Camdaki Kız” series lost its first two titles!

Kanal D’s “Camdaki Kız” series lost its first two titles!

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The Camdaki Kız, which was broadcast on Kanal D and was one of the top 3 TV series of the season, suffered a significant loss in ratings. The series, which got used to winning first place in all groups due to this loss, unfortunately lost two of them.

The Camdaki Kız, who lost the first place in the all-person group to the atv program Esra Erol’da, lagged behind the Fox TV Main news bulletin in the ABC1 group.

So what was the reason for this fall in the Camdaki Kız series? First of all, the Kanal D series again achieved very good ratings. However, it seems that double-digit rates did not happen this week and that’s why the first place missed.

We can say that the reason for this is the Mahkum series, which started on Fox TV and affected the audience very much. The Camdaki Kız lost some of its viewers to The Mahkum, so the first place in two of its three categories was lost to other shows.

The Camdaki Kız can take the first place again in the coming weeks with its strong story and effective acting performances.