Kanal D's Yargı series is a much better series than you expect!
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5 October 2022 02:45


Kanal D’s Yargı series is a much better series than you expect!

The story of the Yargı series, which bears the signature of Sema Ergenekon, will affect everyone deeply. On the one hand, an honest prosecutor, and on the other hand, an agile lawyer who thinks that the rights of even criminals should be defended.

Ceylin and Ilgaz’s ways of questioning justice are different, but they both invite the audience to the big test of life. The couple of Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu became partners once again after the TV series Aşk 101.

The first trailer of the Yargı series, which continues to be shot for Kanal D, has been released. The message of the trailer is clear: You will find a much better series than you expect… Here the images of the series that give this message are really impressive…

You can even see from these short images that Kaan Urgancıoğlu is especially suited to his role, showing both his emotional and tough face.

Yargı, which seems to be a much better series than the audience expects, is the work of 2 years. The strong story that Sema Ergenekon made by examining many case files and the observations made by Sema Ergenekon in the Palace of Justice gives the good news of one of the most remarkable series of the new season.

Filming continues at an intense pace in the Yargı series directed by Ali Bilgin. It is unclear when the series will begin. However, you can guess that Kanal D will not wait long for the broadcast.

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