Kara Tahta, which TRT1 returned from its final decision, dazzled as the most watched series!
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9 December 2022 11:45


Kara Tahta, which TRT1 returned from its final decision, dazzled as the most watched series!

Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series continues to be broadcast on TRT1 screens and attracts attention on Wednesday evenings. It was a very important development that the series, starring Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner, was the most watched TV series of the week, with the best rates in the AB group among the TV series broadcast last week.

Last month, Miray Daner, the female lead of the Kara Tahta series, confirmed in her statement that a mid-final decision was made for the series, but that it was later abandoned. Miray Daner, who has been working with Furkan Andıç for a long time for Kara Tahta, pleased her fans by stating that the story will continue for the summer period.

Although the low ratings in the Kara Tahta series during the winter season upset the morale, TRT1 made a decision to continue the series in order not to damage its image.

The claims that the Kara Tahta could end in the 13th episode were also empty. Now the fans of the series are looking forward to the new episodes and the developments in the ratings are also pleasing.

Last week, when new episodes of some TV series were not broadcast due to the holiday, the Kara Tahta series managed to be the first of the AB group among all its other competitors. Let’s say that the series is in the 6th place in the category of all people.

This result shows how correct the continuation decision of TRT1 for the Kara Tahta series was. Meanwhile, the news from the set broke the morale. The fact that the leading actors caught the coranvirus and the set stopped for a while made the fans of the series very upset.

Let us remind you that Kerem Arslanoğlu came to the fore with the character of Bekir in the story of Kara Tahta and put his signature under very successful works.

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