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Kayıp Şehir Series | Theme – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video

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Kayıp Şehir, project designed by Tomris Giritlioğlu, signed by D Productions, directed by Cevdet Mercan and Nisan Akman, with a screenplay by Yıldırım Türker, Murat Uyurkulak, Seray Şahiner, Tuğrul Eryılmaz and Yelda Eroğlu. is a Turkish-made television series in the drama and family genre.

Gökçe Bahadır, Nik Xhelilaj, İlker Kaleli, Nazan Kesal, Uğur Polat, Cansu Tosun took the lead roles in the Kayıp Şehir series, which affected a wide audience at the time it was broadcast. In addition to the criticisms made about the series, the Kayıp Şehir series was able to stay on the screen for 26 episodes, with the effect of the ratings.

Kanal D
Producer: D Productions
Genre: Drama-Family
Release Date: 14 September 2012 -25 March 2013
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 90 minutes
Music: Demir Demirkan-Yıldırım Türker-Sezen Aksu
Starring: Gökçe Bahadır, Nik Xhelilaj, İlker Kaleli, Nazan Kesal, Uğur Polat, Cansu Tosun.
Cast: Taner Ölmez, Elifcan Ongurlar, Tugay Mercan, İhsan Berk Aydın, Ahmet Mekin, Ayta Sözeri.


The social media accounts of the series were actively used at the time of its publication.

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Kayıp Şehir series revealed in a different language the human tragedies caused by poverty in the back streets of Istanbul, the discrimination suffered by women, gypsies, transvestites, and even blacks, the problems of workers and laborers, and the violent world of street children. The day and time of the series changed many times, but it did not reach the expected ratings. Kanal D finished the series in the 26th episode. At the same time, Kanal D, the producer company of the series, wanted to sell the series of that period to Show TV, but although Show TV wanted to buy the series, it could not buy it economically.


At the center of the story is the Toptaş Family from the Black Sea, who have just come to Istanbul.

Toptaş family is a typical Black Sea family that is connected and strong. The first painful loss of this family begins when Meryem loses her husband and the children lose their beloved father. Meryem is suddenly widowed with 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl. Moreover, his father-in-law, who is 80 years old, lives with them. The eldest of the 6 siblings İsmail 25, the crazy child İrfan 23, the responsible Kadir 22, the only girl Seher 18, Sadık 16 who never likes to read, and the youngest Hakan is 8 years old.

Successive disasters and unexpected events gradually push the Toptaş Family towards forced migration. The family, who came to Istanbul in a hurry, took shelter in the house of Ismail, the eldest son, who came to this great city first of all.

While “Kayıp Şehir” tells the struggles of the Toptaş Family to survive, it also brings to the screen the drama of people who could not hold on to life in the back streets of Istanbul.

In the series, Aysel, who knows life, has an outspoken and strong stance, and also makes a living by working as a sex worker, is played by Gökçe Bahadır and her transgender friend Duygu is Ayta Sözeri. The Toptaş family, who later immigrated to Istanbul, became next door to Aysel. Aysel is torn between Ethem (Uğur Polat), who has a longstanding interest in her, and İrfan, who is still in love with her.


Player (Character)

Gökçe Bahadır (Aysel) A woman who can stand upright with her honest, compassionate and frank face despite seeing the dirty side of life.

İlker Kaleli (İrfan) is the dreamy and adventurous elder son of the family, who is madly in love with Aysel.

Nik Xhelilaj (Kadir)

Nazan Kesal (Meryem)

Uğur Polat (Ethem)

Cansu Tosun (Zehra)

Taner Ölmez (Sadık)

Elifcan Ongurlar (Seher)

Tugay Mercan (İsmail)

İhsan Berk Aydın (Hakan) The youngest child in the family

Ahmet Mekin (Ismail Dede) The eldest of the family

Ayta Sözeri (Duygu) A close friend of Aysel, who lives her life as a sex worker.


Kayıp Şehir series was shot in Istanbul. Mainly, the back streets of Beyoğlu, Tarlabaşı and Tophane were used as shooting locations.


The music of the Kayıp Şehir series belongs to Demir Demirkan and Yıldırım Türker.

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The first trailer of the series was released in August 2012 on Kanal D’s and the series’ social media accounts. The first images were greatly appreciated.

First Introduction:


Kayıp Şehir series met with the audience on Kanal D screens on September 14, 2012. The day and time of the series changed many times, but it could not reach the desired ratings. Kanal D decided to end the series with its 26th episode, which was broadcast on March 25, 2013.

You can watch all episodes of the Kayıp Şehir series on Kanal D’s website.

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Impressive clips from the scenes of the Kayıp Şehir series were also shared on YouTube in the years when the series was broadcast. In addition, the famous artist Sezen Aksu also composed a song called “‘İstanbul Yokmuş Bundan Başka” for the series. You can find the video clips below:

‘‘İstanbul Yokmuş Bundan Başka’ Song Clip

Kadir & Aysel Love Special Clip


You can see some of the unforgettable scenes of the Kayıp Şehir series below;

Aysel and Kadir Kissed

Green Light from Aysel to İrfan!

Bathtub Scene

Oblomov Aysel

Sadık’s Curiosity to Become an Apache

Aysel confronts Ethem!