Kefaret is over, but a new excitement has begun for Mert Fırat!
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30 September 2022 09:27


Kefaret is over, but a new excitement has begun for Mert Fırat!

Famous actor Mert Firat attended the premiere of his movie Kilit with his wife İdil Firat. The time elapsed between the completion of the shooting, which started before the pandemic, and the premiere of the film, was quite long.

Mert Fırat, who starred in the movie with Melisa Aslı Pamuk and Timur Acar, last appeared in the Fox TV series called Kefaret. After Kefaret, the actor concentrated on his theater studies and will soon return to the stage with Tülin Özen with the play titled Batınin Sonu.

Mert Fırat, who wished to get out of the pandemic process with the least damage, also emphasized that lessons should be learned. The actor, who also wished that the normalization period would be good for the cinema, entertainment industry, performance arts and the whole industry, was very excited at the premiere of the film Kilit.

Explaining that returning to the cinema makes him happy, Mert Fırat also answered questions about his private life.

Talking about his a babies, the actor said, “The pandemic is a wonderful gift to us. In its 9th month. Every day a new update is coming to him. We are trying to follow those updates. It is very good for us,” he said.

İdil Fırat also said that being a mother is an indescribable feeling.

Seyhan Mia, the daughter of Mert Firat and İdil Firat couple, was born in November 2020.

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