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5 July 2022 12:26


Kenan İmirzalıoğlu made an unpleasant gaffe, he apologized!

Fans of the famous actor Kenan İmirzalıoğlu are waiting for a new TV series project, but there is no development yet. The actor also continues the competition program named Who Wants to be a Millionaire on ATV.

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu also apologized for a gaffe he made in the program… The actor used the phrase “he passed away years ago” for Turkish singer Arif Şentürk. However, this was recorded as a major blunder.

Arif Şentürk, who is still alive, came to the fore with his words stating that Kenan İmirzalıoğlu’s saying these words had a bad effect on him. Arif Şentürk stated that he watched the program and told what he experienced that night as follows: “I lay like this in the evening, I watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. When I saw that the lyrics of my Turkish song were written, I was excited to see if he could know the question. I waited, the boy did not know. When Kenan said ‘deceased artist’, I felt very bad.”

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, on the other hand, stated that he confused Arif Şentürk with the deceased Kamil Sönmez and explained that he made an unpleasant blunder.

The famous actor also called Arif Şentürk and apologized. Kenan İmirzalıoğlu made the following statement on this issue:

“It was such a misfortune. Misinformation in my mind. I spoke to him and apologized. May God give you long life. It was a nasty blunder. That’s on my mind. I think I confused it with the late Kamil Sönmez. I remember both of our artists from TRT1. We used to listen to his songs when we were little. There was a confusion of information because I confused it with the death of Kamil Sönmez. I phoned him and apologized. He also welcomed it with maturity and understanding.”

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