Artists News Kerem Bürsin is getting ready to sign an extraordinary job in Spain!

Kerem Bürsin is getting ready to sign an extraordinary job in Spain!


Kerem Bürsin, the last conqueror of Spain, is preparing to take part in an extraordinary job in this country. Bürsin, who will participate in the opening of Olyverse, an initiative to be opened in Metaverse, will be accompanied by another very famous name in this business.

Kerem Bürsin, who gained a great reputation in Latin American countries, especially in Spain, after the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı (Love is in the Air) achieved great success in the world, will undertake a very interesting work in this country. Kerem Bürsin will take part as a famous name in the launch of a platform called Olyverse, founded by a Spanish entrepreneur, in Metaverse to the new world universe.

Kerem Bürsin will be accompanied by the famous names of Spain at this launch. One of them is Alvaro Morte, who plays the character of Professor in the TV series La Casa De Papel. Spanish director Koldo Serra and actress Cayetana Guillen Cuervo will also be present at the inaugural launch. The launch will take place tomorrow.

The successful actor has long been one of Spain’s most famous stars. After Can Yaman’s conquest of Italy, Kerem Bürsin stole the hearts of the Spaniards badly. It is also said that Kerem Bürsin, who went to Spain frequently after gaining a great reputation in the country, is preparing to undertake great works.

The handsome actor recently attended the Malaga Film Festival held in Spain as the guest of honor and became a hot topic in the country. The actor’s departure to the country made a great impression. It was received so splendidly by its fans that it became news in the newspapers. Bürsin’s fans applauded with the words “El Turco”.

Spanish fans also carried out a big charity campaign for Kerem Bürsin’s birthday. In the campaign they launched in Darüşşafaka for his fans Kerem Bürsin, he collected more than 30 thousand liras in two months, providing the opportunity to read to children without a mother or father.