Series News Kırık Hayatlar series gave Meltem Akçöl and Erdem Yılmaz a big break!

Kırık Hayatlar series gave Meltem Akçöl and Erdem Yılmaz a big break!


The new daily series of Kanal D, shared by Meltem Akçöl and Erdem Yılmaz, produced by Nöbetçi Yapım and AF Yapım, and produced by Berna Akpınar and Metin Namlısesli, is on the screen with its first episode on Monday, 23 August.

Meltem Akçöl and Erdem Yılmaz, the lead actors who gave life to the characters of Deniz and Çınar in Kırık Hayatlar, which counts the days to meet the audience, put their new series and their new excitement into words… Thanks to this production, young actors had the opportunity to show themselves and stand out. Meltem Akçöl said, “There is actually a lot to be said for me; first of all, I work with a very nice team, we became a real family to each other in a very short time and this makes me very happy. We also have a story that excites me even more in each new episode. We started our shooting with great enthusiasm, and we are progressing with great enthusiasm. I hope our audience loves Kırık Hayatlar as much as we do.”

Erdem Yılmaz, the male lead in the Kırık Hayatlar series, stated that they put a lot of effort into it, but they have a pleasant working environment.

Erdem Yılmaz said, “We are looking forward to appearing in front of our audience as a result of a great effort and enjoyable work. We are in a business that our audience will be eagerly awaiting the next episode with its excitement and pace. It is a project in which we remember many values ​​and find out a lot about ourselves, and whose story I am out of breath at every moment. I am happy and pleased to be in this great excitement.”

In the series, which will tell what two young people can risk for their love, how a mother can leave everything behind for power, the big showdowns that will occur between the families with the emergence of secrets in the Kocabey mansion will be carried to the screens.

The cast of the Kırık Hayatlar series includes the following names: “Mine Çayıroğlu, Burcu Almeman, Atsız Karaduman, Murat Onuk, Arbnora Ademaj, Zafer Öztürk, Erdi Ünver, Hatice İrkin, Yeşim Çelebi, Sedat Berke Özkök, İbrahim Coşkun, Özlem Fidan Kamalıoğlu, Uğurhan Tekin, Mustafa Bademoğlu, Felicia Sağnak, Serdar Kamalıoğlu, Mesude Tosun Türkmen, Oğuz Edis, Ümit Ufuk Tosun, Sabriye Günç, Bengi Ceren Uluğ, Özlem Öztürk.”

İlknur Uğuz Arslan and Bekir Dadaş sit in the director’s chair of the series. Kırık Hayatlar will be on Kanal D with its first episode on Monday, August 23 at 11:00.