Series News Kissing in the drama series of [Our Story]

Kissing in the drama series of [Our Story]


[Our Story]’s drama series latest news …

Drama series is watched with interest in Turkey and in different countries…

[Hazal Kaya and Burak Deniz] are in the leading roles.

25 episodes of the series have been published and ratings are very good …

The love that Filiz and Barış did not start with was kind of disturbing the audience.

There is a scene in the 26th episode that tells me that this love has started.

Filiz and Barış fought.

Filiz, who saw Barış with a female friend, showed reaction.

Barış forgave him.

Barış in the introduction of the new episode, kills Filiz.

The words of the couple telling each other that they were jealous were full of romance.

Comments on the social media are as follows:

“How many weeks have I been waiting for this moment?”
“It’s been so good!”,
“Here is love!”,
“I hope this event will provide peace!”

Video: 26th episode introduction: