Series News Where is love in the drama series of [Black White Love]

Where is love in the drama series of [Black White Love]


[Black White Love]’s drama series latest news …

A very popular series in Turkey …

21 episodes were broadcasted on Channel D TV.

It is published in many countries outside of Turkey …

[Birce Akalay and Ibrahim Celikkol] are in the leading roles.

Asli and Ferhat couples in the series to make a decision to take a divorce.

She was pregnant and Ferhat learned this situation.

Ferhat does not know what to do.

There are efforts to bring Ferhat back together with Aslı.

The followers are worried that this love is over.

If the Aslı-Ferhat love ends, this is the end of the drama series.

The audiences are sending messages to the screenwriters from social media.

They want the peacefulness of the Asli-Ferhat couple to continue their love again.

The directory’s followers are excited …

However, there are also declines in ratings.

If the sequence continues to fall in this way, it can be removed from the broadcast.

The fans of the directory know this.

If the ratings increase, the index will continue to broadcast.

It is unclear what will happen …