Artists News KivancTatlıtuğ’s message with his tattoo!

KivancTatlıtuğ’s message with his tattoo!


Famous actor KivancTatlitug is a name that closely follows both the press and the fans, not only with his acting but also with his private life.

October 27, 1983 he is born in Adana and started his screen career with Silver row in 2005 with SongülÖden.

This series had opened the way both in Turkey and around the world in that time period next to him winning a great reputation.

Since then, he has been involved in a total of 15 projects, and in 2016 he took part with TubaBüyüküstün in the Brave and Beautiful series.

The tattoo on the left arm of he, who has not shown his face for 2 years on the screen, summarizes his gaze.

He has a tattoo on “Only Allah can judge me” and on the other side there is a colorful dragon tattoo.

The fans are curious about when he will turn to the screen with a string.