Series News The claim from The Courtyard series is not real!

The claim from The Courtyard series is not real!


‘The Courtyard’ series has seen great interest in Turkey.

The drama, the great story and the very good acting qualities are driving the audience.

DemetEvgar, NurselKöse and CerenMoray are the leading actors in the series.

The new season will be very colorful as we have observed the great success of the first season.

The new players are expected to participate in the series. One of these names was HülyaAvşar.

HülyaAvşar is one of the most famous female actresses of Turkish cinema.

However, it turned out that these allegations were not true.

Authorities in the directory made an announcement on the news.

Noting that there were no reports on the subject, the series officials showed that this claim was not real.

The series will strengthen the squad with new players.