Kenanİmirzalıoğlu and SinemKobal must do this!
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30 September 2022 08:44


Kenanİmirzalıoğlu and SinemKobal must do this!

Kenanİmirzalıoğlu and SinemKobal couple did not use the opportunity to correct the image!

They are both famous actors …

Both of them have been featured in both series and cinema on many projects …

But in the last period they both shared the same destiny …

SinemKobal started with the Face-to-Face sequence on the season’s Show TV. Only two episodes could be published.

Kenanİmirzalıoğlu, however, returned to the screen with Mehmed The Conqueror after a serious preparation.

However, his series also suffered great disappointment by making an early final in the 6th episode.

The famous duo, who is currently suffering a loss of image in their last series, is drawn to rest.

It is important for the couple to improve their image by participating in successful projects together or separately on a good project.

Perhaps a claim was made that could lead to such a development.

2 million TL of the singles said that they say no.

Kenanİmirzalıoğlu-SinemKobal couple, who had married about two years ago, claimed to have turned away the advertising bids that they had come to play together.

It was learned that the twin evaluating the bid from a home-made brand gave the answer “No” because they did not like the concept.

According to the idea, the couple would accept the project, will earn about 1 million TL.

Since the day of their marriage to İmirzalıoğlu and Kobal, there have been close to 10 commercial offers …

It would be great to take a step to improve the image of the couple by taking part in a good project together.

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